• Two different types of food
  • Decorated pasta
  • Decorated salad
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Luce started over a bowl of pasta, literally. Two friends met for lunch to discuss normal daily life, it was a simple bowl of linguine and clams, a glass of wine, and a little bruschetta to be exact, the tastes and stars must have been aligned that day. The very next day a prototype menu was formulated and then ba-boom.

The dream we had shared was revealed, and just as soon as that, a more than perfect location fell into our lap. With Mike and Yolanda Imprevento, and Antonio Caruana, laying out ideas together, followed by meeting after meeting, build-out after build-out, the help of some great and loyal friends and we were off.

The menu is the doings of ANTONIO CARUANA, most would call him the "CHEF" but in his eyes, not so much. " I just love to cook, I love my Italian heritage, And I have a passion for passing on the great foods wines, and cocktails of the Italian people." Influenced by his family, multiple friends and family in Italy, and also by the ITALIAN community right here on Hampton roads. Here, you can find a great selection of Italian restaurants and bakeries.

The menu is, and will always be, an infusion of all the different regions of Italy. A contemporary twist on traditional and classic food. A little from the north, some south, Sicily, to Sardinia, Italy has so many options as far as regions and ingredients offered, it's a lot of fun to explore them all. Mike and Yolanda, As well, share this passion for good, honest foods, which makes this partnership a hit.

The wines are picked and tasted to best fit our menu, and atmosphere. We like to explore all of Italy with our lists, and change our weekly specials, to bring not only value, but allow our customers the choice of exploration. Wines are available from Italy to Chile, California, to Washington, There is something for everyone. With a bottle price range of 20 dollars up to 130 dollars. And a by-the-glass list, ranging from 6 dollars to 15 dollars. Luce beer selection is rather extensive as well, with most domestic bottles on hand, some great imports, and also great Italian craft beers ranging from Peroni on tap to 750 ml brutons at 20 a bottle. Our draft is proudly cold, and with the exception of Peroni, is reserved for local breweries only.

Luce liquor selection is also very nice, with some of the finest offerings in each category. A nice cocktail, martini, and traditional list are also available.